Sunday, December 04, 2005

My tv show 5

Sylvain Girard
English ced, section 3010
December 1, 2005

The Red and Green Show
Wednesday 12:00 pm

My TV Show five


Hello, I’m Ernie the friend of Red. Last week I played a game of riddle with Red and I don’t like this game. I’m not very

good at this game. Red gave the clues to me and I tried to find the word. In the afternoon, we decided to going on the

lake for fishing. Another time, I realize I’m not a good fisher. In two hours, I had not caught anything. The next day

we went walk in the forest and we found a well. On the well it was written “wishing well”. Red and I dropped a coin

and doing a wish. My wish was taking more fish in my next fishing adventure. But when I quit the well, I’m dropped

in the well. Red helps me, he attached the rope on his truck and he gave to me the other side of the rope. When Red

going forward, I was exit of the well. It was a day full of adventures.


When I played with Red at the game of riddle, I felt idiot because when I tried to say a response, Red saw to me and he

laughed. It’s not my fault. I have difficulty with this game. But, Red would play every week at this game. After,

when we went fishing, it’s the same thing, Red took full fish and me nothing. I tried different lure with no success.

The next day when we went in the forest, we did a wish. Because I think I’m not a good friend for Red, I think Red’s

wish was he saw me fall in the well. I don’t know what thinking, I will try to speak with Red tomorrow.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

tv show 4

Sylvain Girard
English ced, section 3010
October thirty, 2005

The Red and Green Show
Wednesday 12:00 pm

I did many things today. First, I played a game of riddle. The word was Accident and, as usual, the guy who

played with me and who tried to find this word was wrong. After that, I decided to calculate the cost of gas I put in

my truck. I thought that the cost was too expensive. But, I had an idea. My garage was full of propane tank. I fixed

the tanks on the two sides of my truck with a small chain and ten hoses plugged on tank directly in the carburetor. I

started the engine with barbecue lighter. My truck started but I forgot my transmission on drive so the truck moved

forward. I tried to stop it but the hoses were attached over the door. My truck continued to move forward in the wall

and he exploded. Bad day for me!


When I played a game of riddle, I thought the guy with me was very stupid because I tried with many clues but he

didn’t find the word. After, when I decided to put the propane tank on my truck, I was very happy but it was very

difficult because the tank was heavy. When I saw my truck move forward, I was afraid because propane is very

explosive. And now, I’m discouraging.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My TV show 3

Sylvain Girard
English ced, section 3010
October 12, 2005

The Red and Green Show
Wednesday 12 :00 pm

The Red and Green Show

1) What did Red do this week?

Red did a chandelier in his kitchen with old objects he found in his garage.

2) How did Red build the chandelier?

He took spoons for put the candle and small pieces of steel for the frame.

3) Where did he install the chandelier and how did it spin?

The chandelier was installed in the kitchen and he spun because Red was install a

Sprocket of bike, chain and two pedals.

4) How did he install the chandelier?

He install wood plates with bolts fix in the top of his house.

5) Why did Red fix the chandelier?

The bulb was burn and it was too long for put a new light because Red didn’t have a

New bulb.

Monday, September 26, 2005

my tv show 2

Sylvain Girard
English ced
The Red and Green show

This week, Red was watching tv when he heared a strange noise. He ran outside for see what happened. This is his neighbour. He drove to fast and he fell in the lake behind the house of Red. Red decided to take his truck for help his neighbour. He took a cable of winch and he attached the hookat the bumper. But the truck of his neighbour was too old.The bumper was arrached when Red was pulling. Red retry another time. He attached the hook at the frame but this time, the truck broke in two pieces! After two hours, Red was succeed. The truck is on the road but in 15 pieces!

Monday, September 12, 2005

My tv show

The Red and Green Show

In the series at CBC, Green is very happy because he finds a radio in garbage oh his neighbour. He takes a small cable and he tie up his radio at his neck. Green is very funny. With this, Green can listen the radio when he walks on the street. After that, Red in his garage, does a chopper bike with anything he finds in his garage. He tapes with a duck tape. This is the better solution for attached for Red. He takes a carpet in leather for do a bench, a water pipe very long for to build a handle, one gutter of his house for the fender wheel and two pieces of stainless steel for the gear mechanism. And every of this pieces is attached with his duck tape!